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Chicago Toughened Glass

The Toughened Glass that we provide is a safety glass that will shatter into little pieces when broken. These broken particles are little and reasonably safe compared to the dangerous shards that are produced from the damage of annealed glass. Our strengthening techniques for Chicago Toughened Glass procedures will significantly decrease the thread of thermal damage and increases the strength of your unit.

chicago toughened glass

Our popular kinds of glass can be toughened and strengthened and are readily available in Reflective, Clear, Tinted and Low E styles. If broken, toughened glass will shatter into little fairly safe pieces and your toughened glass unit is more powerful than annealed glass.

We provide many different kinds of glass consisting of efficiency glass can be strengthened. Our quality units will be installed or created in store we offer very fast turn around times on new units! Contact one of our staff members to request new Chicago Toughened Glass in your area or for pickup from our warehouse custom cut to the size that you require.

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